Black Owned Business Feature: Smile Natural Products

I feel like I’ve been switching a lot of products to ones that are non toxic, vegan, all natural and Black Owned of course lol. I’m becoming more conscious of what I am putting on my body and skin because of all these harmful ingredients I have been reading about. I honestly didn’t realize most of them were in the majority of the products I was using. Also, I feel like my skin has been thriving and glowing since I started using more natural based products. Let’s get into my latest feature of Smile Natural Products.

This brand was founded by Brian and Shai’La after struggling to find ethical, big brand hygiene companies. They set three goals to guide the brand which I love : design products that make people look and feel great, sustainably source products and packaging and do awesome things for the community and the world. I came across this brand after watching one of Arnell Armon’s videos and purchased the black soap body wash which I am obsessed with (already ordered my second bottle lol).

All natural ingredients

I am currently using the Rebuild Black Soap Body Wash with Bergamot and Patchouli which smells so amazing! Whenever I use this body wash, the whole bathroom smells like it. It lathers very nicely and leaves my skin feeling so clean and refreshed. It is not drying at all or leaves a soapy residue. Also, I love the container it comes in because you have body wash for a few months. I don’t remember when I first purchased it but I’m still using it today. I was a little concerned about the glass container it comes in because I am always dropping something but so far, I’ve been super careful with this.

Smile Natural Products also has body butters, scrubs, oral care and just launched essential oils. I’m so happy I discovered this brand and will be trying out other products by them. I highly recommend the body wash of course but check out everything else on the site which you can check out here:

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