2021 First Quarter Goals

Happy New Year and welcome to 2021! I am just so happy that we survived last year and still hopeful things will start to get better this year! I decided to switch up my monthly goal posts. I wanted them to align with the goals I set for myself this year. I feel like I better prepared myself this year to really accomplish my goals with a set plan and timeline.

I asked myself a few questions while writing out these goals like “What was my plan to achieve this goal” and “What do I want to achieve”. I really wanted to be intentional with my goals this year and set myself up for success rather than saying what I want with no plan in place. I purchased a notebook last year where I wrote all of this out and also to keep track of my progress. Oh, I’m just talking about this without saying what goals I set for myself this year lol.

  • Become Financially Stable
  • Stick With Staying Organized And On Top Of Things
  • More Self Care And Self Love
  • Read 8-10 Books
  • Work On Definition Of Friendship And How I Can Be A Better One
  • Work On Mental, Physical and Spiritual Health

So I broke down each goal into smaller goals to work on throughout the year that will take weeks, months, even the entire year to complete. I just feel so much better going into this year with this plan in motion and guidelines to help me achieve my goals for 2021. Hence why I am changing up my goals post to quarterly instead of monthly. It will help keep my accountable and gives me time to work on each task. It may seem like a lot for the next three months but plenty of time for myself to work on everything!

  • Create Budget/Savings Plan
  • Create Mantra/Affirmation Board
  • Research Friendship Character Traits/Create List
  • Switch Bank
  • In The Groove Of Practicing Self Care/Love
  • Organized House
  • Friendship List On Myself
  • Finished 1-2 Books

I’ll be working on these tasks for the next 3 months and will check back in March with my progress and set up and next set of tasks to complete. Have you set up your goals for 2021? Did you create a plan or timeline to achieve them? Let me know! See you guys Thursday!

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