Social Media Etiquette Part 2

I’m always thinking of things and social media etiquette just popped into my mind. I’ve seen some things going on with myself and others to know that there should be etiquette if you’re going to be on social media. I previously wrote about it last year and can view that post here but I thought of some other thoughts on this:

Read The Caption Or Statement Before Commenting

You take all this time typing out this deep, profound caption to what you are about to post to Instagram or Facebook. It took you a while to think of the right words and you know your audience is going to resonate with it and then after posting, you get a comment or emoji that has nothing to do with the question you are asking or the statement you just made. I know that has to be a little frustrating and I know sometimes you don’t like when people have long captions but it pays to pay attention before typing out a comment. If you can’t read the whole caption, jump to the bottom and answer the question or respond to the statement towards the end or beginning. A while back a Facebook memory came up for me about when I graduated college and talked about how young and impressionable I was back them and how not to give up on your dreams and I got comments complimenting my hair and my looks and just wondered if the caption was read at all. Or I’ll pose a question and will get a bunch of heart eye emojis or something that has nothing to do with what I just asked. I mean can’t complain that your are getting comments but you get the point. I’ve seen other bloggers and content creators bringing this up as well. I make sure to read the caption and either respond to it, answer the question or if I can’t think of anything, just like the picture and keep it moving.

Engage With Others If They Are Engaging With You

Now this is where I sometimes get frustrated with people on IG. I will watch your stories, answer questions and polls, like and comment but you just watch my stories with no engagement back or you don’t watch at all. I don’t know if I’m being petty here but I’m engaging with you, don’t I get the same curiosity? I mean I understand if you have a few thousand followers and it may be hard to get to everyone but at least engage back with those who are the most active on your stories. Also, if someone responds to your story with a question or something, don’t ignore or leave on read. I’ve been left on read I don’t know how many times or my question or statement is just liked. It just feels like people are playing games and we are too old for this.

What’s Up With The Liking Spree To Get My Attention And Nothing Else??

I’ve noticed that sometimes I’ll get someone that will go on a liking spree on my account, liking 15 or more pictures and follow me. I’ll visit their page, follow back and like a couple photos and video and that’s it from that person. It seems like they were looking for a shout out for liking so many of my pics and I don’t do that. I know other people that will but I won’t. I’ll keep engaging with this person and nothing back to see that they unfollowed me. If I see a page that I like, I’ll go ahead and follow and like a few pictures, not a bunch. Hopefully they follow back and engage with me, if they don’t oh well. I use social media to genuinely connect with others and build relationships, not to play games.

That was all I had to add and will probably think of something else later but do you think people should practice social media etiquette? Let me know. See you guys tomorrow!

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