Black Owned Business Feature: The Honey Pot

We are only 3 days away from Christmas and 11 or 10 days away from the new year! It just has been such a crazy time but thankful that we made it this far. I am just ready for a new year, new mindset and to start fresh. Hopefully 2021 will give us a little grace and not be a continuation of this year.

About a year or so ago I was cruising the aisles of Target and came across this brand. I was looking for another feminine hygiene product to use and loved what I was reading on the packaging. So I purchased the foaming wash and fell in love. The funny thing is, I had no clue The Honey Pot was black owned at the time until I saw it on Instagram one day.

The Honey Pot was created by Bea Dixon in 2014 as she was looking for a remedy for bacterial vaginosis. This is the first feminine hygiene brand that is powered by herbs. I just love that you have everything you need for your cycle or after giving birth. I’ve only used the foaming wash and the refresh wipes so far but I want to try the pantie liners and whenever they come out with super plus tampons. I’m curious about the menstrual cup but a little afraid because of my heavy flow. I know some people may feel uncomfortable talking about this but I feel it is important and we need to be more comfortable talking about it.

For years, I had no clue I was using such harmful ingredients during my cycle. I’ve always had a heavy cycle and needed products to help prevent leaking and so on. I honestly never looked at those ingredients, I was just reading to see if it will help contain my flow and not mess up my clothes. I’m also guilty of using Summer’s Eve back in the day and thought it effective and useful until it stopped working for me. I love that The Honey Pot uses all natural, plant based ingredients that are more beneficial than harmful. I’ve noticed a huge difference and improvement using the foaming wash compared to what I was using. I am just grateful I discovered this brand and it is the only feminine care products I use.

I highly recommend checking out The Honey Pot. You can of course find them online but also in Target, Walmart, Walgreens and CVS to name a few stores. I feel that feminine hygiene is super important and you should pay attention to what you are using and the ingredients. Have you used The Honey Pot before? If so, what is your favorite product? See you guys tomorrow!

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