Is There Social Media Etiquette?

Social Media is basically running everything from how we hear the latest celebrity gossip to the news. If you want to know about something, you can find it on social media. As this is supposed to be a place to promote your business, be social or just express yourself, it can be negative at times and there should be some type of etiquette.

This stems from my previous post talking about blogging etiquette that you can read here,

Now I don’t claim to be an expert but I’ve been on social media long enough to know there should be some kind of etiquette. This is all based on what I’ve seen and experienced so don’t quote me too much lol.

Engage With Your Audience

I feel that this is number one of social media etiquette. I’ve commented on someone’s photo and noticed that they never acknowledge their audience or even like the comment. How are you supposed to grow if you don’t engage? If someone comments on your photo, you can at least say thank you or like the comment.I can understand those accounts that have thousands, even millions of comments and it can be a task to respond to everyone but if you are a micro blogger, you should be responding to everyone. Now I can admit that sometimes I forget to comment but always like all the comments to acknowledge I saw it. It also doesn’t hurt to visit your followers pages and like and comment too.

Don’t Have a Meltdown On Your Feed/Stories

Now I am so guilty and notorious for doing this one too many times. I will get frustrated with something like no one responding to a poll or question I posted, my blog post didn’t do so well or scrolling and seeing how many more likes my fellow bloggers get and wonder what I’m doing wrong. I will often take to my stories and rant and it is not a good thing. It looks too much like complaining and I don’t think anyone wants to read all that. I am grateful for those who will DM me and call me out on my shit and tell me they don’t want to see that again or ask me what is wrong. If you are feeling frustrated about your platform, you should talk with someone instead of ranting online, especially if you have brands watching.

Don’t Follow and Unfollow to Get Numbers

I know we have experienced this that you have an account with way more followers than you start liking a couple pics and follow you. You honestly think they like you content and want to engage so you follow back. You then notice you don’t have anymore engagement and notice they are no longer following you. They only followed to get their numbers up. It is so annoying and wish people would take the organic route to gaining followers.

Cancel A Brand Or Person Quietly

It seems like we are also in the midst of the “cancel culture” and it can be a lot at times. A person or brand may do something that does not align with your morals or beliefs and it makes you feel some type of way. A lot of people will post, go on rants about why they are cancelling a particular brand or person and it sometimes does not look good or other people may not agree with your views and it can cause drama. I can understand if you are speaking out against the injustice or mistreatment of others but you can quietly “cancel”. There are a few brands that I have stopped following or supporting and I did it silently.

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

Now this is something else I am so guilty of. I will scrolling and wonder how some of my fellow blogger/curl friends have so many more likes than I do or how they received PR packages from companies and so on. You start to go down this hole of comparing yourself and wondering what you are doing wrong which can lead to the potential rant. There is room for everyone in this space and everyone has something different to bring to the table. If you desire those numbers, you honestly have to work for it. I know there is a lot of blame on the algorithm but I feel it is possible to achieve that success. You just have to figure out your strengths and build on that. Success is the main focus for everyone so you shouldn’t waste too much time comparing yourself.

So those were all the tips that I had on social media etiquette. Again don’t quote me but I feel like some of these are sort of important. What other social media etiquette tips do you have? Comment below and let me know.

See you guys tomorrow for a bonus post.

3 thoughts on “Is There Social Media Etiquette?

  1. You hit the head on the nose with this post! Etiquette is key especially if you’re a company, an influencer or even just a person who likes to post but especially the 1st two if you’re trying to build your brand.

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  2. […] I’m always thinking of things and social media etiquette just popped into my mind. I’ve seen some things going on with myself and others to know that there should be etiquette if you’re going to be on social media. I previously wrote about it last year and can view that post here but I thought of some other thoughts on this: […]


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