2020 Taught Me: Don’t Let The Internet Rush Or Pressure You

At the beginning of the pandemic, there were a lot of posts going around telling people not to waste their time inside, to keep busy, to start that business or project and so on. It seemed kind of harsh because this lockdown, quarantine situation was new to a lot of people. They weren’t used to just being in the house all day working from home with family or by themselves. It really took a toll on some people and I saw a lot of people felt pressure to keep busy because the Internet was telling them to and making them feel guilty for not doing something. As much as I like the Internet sometimes, things like this I just can’t stand.

How people chose to spend their time during this pandemic is up to them. You shouldn’t be pressuring others or making them feel guilty about not starting a business or doing something productive. If this is a time to relax and take a break due the demands of their 9-5, it is okay. If they feel starting a business or launching a product is not in the cards for them, it is okay. This has been a huge adjustment for everyone and we all are not equipped to handle it the same.

As much as I wanted to amp up my blog and Youtube channel and do all these things, I had other responsibilities that came first. My income based job was being very demanding, I had a school aged child navigating through remote learning for the first time and needed help, I had a household to hold down and maintain and I was going through it mentally. Trying to make blogging my full time thing was the least of my concern. I didn’t let the Internet of others influence me or make me feel guilty about it. I listened to my intuition and did what I thought was important.

Listen, please do what is right for you and your life. Don’t feel guilty or pressured into doing something to keep up with the Jones’ or because everyone else is. It is okay that you didn’t start your business yet or pitch to those companies, it is okay. You have plenty of time if you want to do so in the future. Please put your mental health and sanity first and don’t listen to the Internet too much. See you guys tomorrow.

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