Black Owned Business Feature: Felicia Leatherwood and Ez Detangling Brushes

It is crazy that Christmas will be here next week and then we’ll be out of this crazy year lol. I am so ready for baking cookies with my son and watching him open presents. I just hope he doesn’t wake me up at the crack of dawn lol. Anyway, today I am featuring two businesses today that I have been loving and are super essential for my hair routine.

I usually detangle my hair with a wide tooth comb. It was working for a while but I started to notice that my hair would still be a little tangled, it didn’t seem like it was fully detangled and so on. I sought out to find something else to use and first saw the Felicia Leatherwood brush floating around on Instagram. After seeing a few of my curl friends demo the brush and reading reviews, I decided to purchase one and never turned back to my wide tooth comb.

Felicia Leatherwood is actually a celebrity hair stylist and has worked with Issa Rae, Nicole Ari Parker and Jill Scott to name a few. She created this brush after hearing about how other detangling tools cause breakage, not flexible and split ends. It took me some getting use to gripping the brush at first because it was thick but I love how sturdy and flexible the brush is. I know my thick hair won’t break this brush because I’ve done so before wit other brushes or combs lol. I love how the flexi bristles expand to help detangle your hair without ripping it or making it feel like it is pulling too hard. It really detangles your hair fully from roots to ends and also helps define your hair as well.

I had the opportunity to work with Ez Detangler and this brush instantly became a favorite as soon as I used it. The bristles on this brush are a bit more flexible and forgiving than the Felicia Leatherwood brush but you get the same results. It is just so easy to use, does not feel like it is ripping your hair out and just makes detangling your hair such a breeze. The Ez detangle brush is also very sturdy and can get through the thickest hair without breaking.

I rotate each brush for wash day and just love them both. I highly recommend checking out both brands and trying for yourself. You can find Felicia Leatherwood here: and Ez Detangler here:

So what tools are you currently using to detangle or style your hair with? Let me know and see you guys tomorrow!

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