2020 Taught Me: To Slow Down And Be Still

I’ve been in reflection mode since October. I’ve been thinking about this crazy year and all the lessons I’ve learned. I feel like this pandemic really forced me to slow down and listen to my thoughts. We have been in this busy mode with rushing to work, getting the kid(s) to school and after school activities, trying to get dinner on the table, spend time with family, do your household chores and side hustle business before going to bed and doing it over again. This routine started to get a little tired and boring after a while and I really wanted change. Well, be careful what you wish for because you may receive it in a way you didn’t expect.

At first I was super excited to be working from home because it was something that I wanted more of. I wanted more of a change and wanted to be more present at home. I didn’t take into account how working from home would be with a school aged child who needed more attention and direction than ever and having to hold down this household was very stressful at first. I kind of regretted asking for this but on the other hand, it slowed me down from the busyness and I was able to really listen to my thoughts.

This pandemic really slowed my thoughts in my mind down and I had more time to really listen to them. They stopped feeling overwhelming and confusing. I was able to have more quiet moments where I could just sit still, focus and listen. I was able to sort thorough these thoughts and realize some things about myself and things that I have been overthinking about way too much. I found this to be helpful so I can get to the root of a lot of my issues and problems.

It just felt so eye opening and felt like a huge weight was lifted. I could think more clear and realized a few things I do too much of:

-Over think way too much

-Dwell in the past too much

-Still self sabotaging and thinking negatively at times

-Still trying to rush things that take time to complete/accomplish

-Still letting fear run my life

-I am way too comfortable and don’t know how to get uncomfortable with things

It was just minding blowing how I said I was going to stop doing some of these things and I was still doing them. I wanted to make a conscious effort to work on this for 2020 and take things one day at a time but I tend to try to rush things and overwhelm myself in the process. Acknowledging these thoughts really helped me so much and I just feel better. I can make a plan and tackle each one at a time to improve my mental health and well being.

Even though most of us are way over Rona and this whole quarantine, I am actually thankful for it. It really helped in so many way and helped me to realize some things in my life that needed to change and improve. I’m thankful for the slowness and stillness of being at home more and being able to appreciate things in life more. Even as things are opening back up, I’m in no rush for the hustle and bustle of it all. I want to continue on this path of stillness and being more in tune with my mind and my thoughts.

What lessons have you learned this year? I have a few more posts like this coming during this month. See you guys tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “2020 Taught Me: To Slow Down And Be Still

  1. I definitely learned to have patience with our kids! Homeschool/virtual life ain’t for the weak. What I love the most is being surrounded by loves even though they are the most neediest people I ever met…but I love it. I’m actually grateful for that we are on lock down. I’ve been praying more and my husband and I have learned each other’s language (more in-depth). Our communication has gotten stronger and I just love being around home…most days.

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    1. Yes because my son is driving me crazy, I say sit down way too many times lol. I’ve been praying more as well and just enjoying this time with family!


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