Black Owned Business Feature: Jade & Fox Co

Happy Monday! I know some of you may be wondering why I’m posting outside of my usual blogging schedule but I wanted to catch up on the posts that did not go up last week so you’ll be seeing posts everyday this week…well until Friday lol. Also, I’m trying to prepare myself for Blogmas next month which will be fun!

You know, I really love searching and supporting different Black Owned Businesses. I love all the unique products that I have discovered and most of them have become part of my everyday routine. Plus you are helping support someone’s dream, growth and business. I’ve seen Jade & Fox Co floating around on social media and seen them mentioned on a few lists of black owned brands to try. I decided to pick up a few items I could get my hands on (they sell out pretty fast) to try and was not dissapointed.

Now I had to do a little digging to find out about the owner since her information is not on the brand site or social media page. I couldn’t pinpoint when the brand started but it has been around for a few years and started by Ashley Johnson. Directly from the site, Jade & Fox Co is a luxury lifestyle brand that uses the science of nature to create solutions to everyday skin conditions and bring tangible results. I love that his brand uses natural ingredients and you know what you are putting on your face and body. This brand has everything from body care to skincare and fragrances too. Let’s get into reviews of the items I have tried so far.

The Supreme Body Scrub

I love a good body scrub and attempt to exfoliate my body twice a week. After reading the description on the site, I had to get my hands on this scrub. The texture of this scrub had me a little skeptical at first because I expecting this scrub to be a little rougher in a way. It feels like little soft and squishy balls in a way lol but I have grown to love it!

After using it, I loved how gentle it felt on the skin and it left my skin feeling super smooth and soft. I love how unique this scrub is and the scent is so amazing. I would highly recommend this scrub (when it is back in stock) if you don’t like harsh, abrasive scrubs.

Siren and So Addictive Body Oils

I don’t use body oils too often, mostly in the Summer but these body oils are everything! First can we talk about the scents! I don’t think I’ve smelled anything like them and they are just so alluring, sexy and bomb. I would describe Siren as a soft, clean scent with a hint of something sweet. So Addictive is a little strong but it is like a musk and floral scent to me. I try my best when describing things but hopefully you get what I’m saying lol. Another plus is they are not greasy at all and don’t just sit on the skin. They really absorb and keep you moisturized and glory for majority of the day. I found the best way to apply the oil is after you get out the shower and your skins still damp. It doesn’t work the best when applied to dry skin.

I want to try so much more from this brand and have to keep an eye out for the restocks because I just seem to miss them all the time lol. I highly recommend checking out this black owned business and support them. You can check out the site here and let me know if you pick up something. See you guys tomorrow!

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