November Monthly Goals

** I did not realize this post was going to be on Election Day, I drafted this last week but please make sure you vote today of you have not already. It was weird voting by mail this time, I usually go to the polling place and take my son with me**

I can’t believe it is November already and time for one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving lol! I just love all the food that we cook and time spent with family but this year will be a little different due to Rona (cough, cough). I still will enjoy cooking and just being thankful. Let’s get into these goals I set for this month!

New Headshots/Pictures for LinkedIN, IG and Blog

I think it is time to update all of my profile pics. Some of them are over a year old and you want to have more recent looking pictures lol. Even though I still look the same, it is good to keep things updated. I’m not sure if I will hire someone to take these pics or I’ll do so myself. I do have the equipment and totally capable of doing so. This should be fun lol!

Research/Practice Flat Lay

I’ve always wanted to get this picture design down and love seeing all the other creative ones. I think flay lays are so pretty when done the right way. I want to do more of these type of pictures because they seem so visually pleasing and people seem to love them. I don’t know how many I’ll get to but if I can attempt one, I’ll be happy lol.

Start Thinking Of 2021 Goals and Gathering Materials For Vision Board

We are so close to the new year and I know I am just ready to rejoice that I survived 2020 and keep going into the next year. It is around this time that I start reflecting over the past year and what I want to accomplish in the next year. I also want to complete a vision board this year and I have that goal set for December so I want to have all the materials needed before then.

I am so confident in this month’s goals and excited about completing them. What are some goals you have for this month? Let me know! See you guys Thursday!

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