So We’re Still Cancelling People?

Maybe it is just me but it seems like people are being cancelled left and right for just breathing the wrong way lol. Okay maybe not that but this comes from the whole Eva Longoria comment the other night. I didn’t watch when the interview aired but when I woke up the next day, she was trending and not for a good reason. I have learned that before I insert my opinion, gather all the correct and credible information and then I can say something. We are so quick these days to judge someone or cancel someone over a 15 second clip instead of watching the whole interview. Remember the whole Red Table Talk interview with Ayesha Curry where people took that small line she said and ran with it instead of taking the time to actually watch the whole interview (and I’ll never understand why people still drag Ayesha for every little thing she does but that is a whole other post). I feel like that is part of the problem, we don’t do the research before speaking about a situation.

I was scrolling through my timeline and this post stopped me in my tracks. It was along the lines of never forgetting and forgiving Eva for her comments and how its sad that Black women will be praised one day and stabbed in the back the next day and the constant disrespect. Again, I did my researched and watched the interview a few times to really listen to what she said and I can understand why so many people are mad and upset about what she said. I mean to not fully give Black Women their full credit for all the hard work we have done and what we did for this election. People were so up in arms about it, saying of course she’s cancelled and so on. Now at least she came back and stated that she realized she misspoke about the whole thing and apologized but some people were still not satisfied. There were some people still wanting to cancel her, some people wanted to have a conversation with her, make this a teaching moment and so on.

But the question I want to ask is if that was you, would you want others to forgive you and help you realize your mistake instead of cancelling you and turning their backs? Sometimes I don’t think people really think about that. I’ve done some things, said some things and hoped that I would be forgiven for it. I’ve had people mad at me and then help me understand what I did wrong. I’ve had people do and say things to me, about me and some things were really unforgivable in some people’s books but I made it a point not to hold on to the grudge or negative feeling. I forgave that person through prayer or in person and forgot about it. I guess I have a different way or perspective of looking at situations like this and that is okay. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and how they deal with things.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around this whole cancel culture anyway because its like no one wants to forgive and forget anymore. You have to make a whole post about why you are cancelling someone and shame other people if they do not, I don’t get it. There are some things that people do that are clearly unforgivable but for some things and I can understand those reasons but the reasons people are being cancelled today is crazy. Maybe I won’t understand it but can we try to teach people about their wrong doings first? Can we think about if the shoe was on the other foot, would you want people turning on you and not helping you understand and learn from your mistake? Just maybe?

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