We Really Need To Stop Doing This….

As I was scrolling through Twitter the other day, this tweet stopped me in my tracks.

I was really disturbed by this Tweet because what benefits you from tearing down another black woman? I know that everybody is not for everyone but what was the point of this? Black women are literally fighting to be paid equally, treated fairly and respected in this world and we still do things like this. I just don’t understand why.

I started to read through the replies of this tweet and many women were telling her that her statement was unnecessary, telling her to seek help and asking why she was so hateful and miserable. Others were co-signing with her and agreeing with it. It just eye opening that we really will sit around and tear someone else down for being themselves and minding their own business. I happen to like Saweetie and her music. I also love her self of style, its really cute and she is so pretty. I know her music isn’t for everyone but to put this online and seeing other black women co-sign and continue the negative talk really got to me.

Now I have learned the hard way about talking about others and tearing them down, I’ve been on both sides of it. I’ve grown and have stopped talking about people and tearing them down because it doesn’t feel so good when it happens to you. It does not make you feel good at all talking negatively about someone else, tearing them down just to build yourself up. What is the benefit of it?

I know that there are women out there being a positive light and force in the world. They are building up other women, clapping for them, cheering for them, rooting for their success but it is the negative posts and comments that get the most attention. Why is that? Why can’t we normalize the positive uplifting of black women? Why focus on this negative narrative? We are all not like this.

Also can we normalize black women having nice and luxury things? Can we normalize that it is okay for us to have a luxury vehicle, take ourselves on trips, spoil ourselves with luxury items and so on. Why is it an issue? The moment we want to celebrate our hard work with something nice, here come the negative police tearing us down and basically bashing us for even posting about. We are told we are bragging too much, where did we even get the money to afford it, we must have a sugar daddy or someone else paid for it. Why can’t we be happy for someone else? I don’t understand how some women can sit there and be miserable all the time and be negative all the time so you try to make everyone else feel like you do. Everyone deserves happiness and nice things in life, especially black women.

You know the old saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” and I really people would do that more often. So question for those that are reading this and have gotten this far, why do you think we still do this? Why do we continue to tear down others, talk about them and still be negative all the time?

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