Black Owned Business Feature: Beaded Essences By Shari

I’ve always been intrigued by waist beads. I thought you had to be a certain size or shape to wear them. I was intimidated for the longest time until a friend and I purchased a few strings from a festival to try and tie around our waist on our own. I loved the concept at first but I think I made mine a little too tight as my stomach expanded and had to cut them off lol.

Of course I had to do a little research but waist beads are a traditional African accessory. Many people wear them to track weight loss, some for fertility and others to increase sensuality. I just love the look and vibe of them.

I think a few days later I was going through my stash and found two sets of waist beads from a natural hair event I went to a while back and fell in love. The following year I went to the same event and purchased two more waist beads from Beaded Essences by Shari.

I just love how unique these waist beads are, I don’t think I’ve seen them anywhere else. You can request different colors, patterns and charms to fit your style but I loved the pre made ones that were on display. I also love that they are so forgiving and stretch with you. My stomach expands as I eat or get bloated and contracts as things rest and I have never felt a discomfort from them. They never felt too tight or constricting at all which I love.

I feel very confident wearing them and want more soon. They don’t look too bulky or too noticeable under most clothing but sometimes you do see them which is fine. You can check out this Black Owned Business here

Do you wear waist beads? If so how many do you have? Let me know. See you guys tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Black Owned Business Feature: Beaded Essences By Shari

  1. Go head Sis! I‘ve always wanted to purchase waist beads but I’m like you, I was intimidated. I started to see more and more women of all different shapes and sizes wear them and thought to myself, I can certainly wear them as well. I’m definitely am going to check them out and may even purchase from them soon.


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