Youtube Fridays: GRWM Makeup Tutorial

Happy Friday! I am so glad the weekend is here! I am just ready to relax and not do much but I know I’ll be cleaning or organizing something in this house lol!

Today I am bringing you a short makeup tutorial using the other Fenty Beauty snap shadow palette in deep neutrals. I previous did a tutorial with the cadet palette a while ago and liked it but felt this palette was more pigmented.

I will have more makeup tutorials coming soon because I want to break up the hair videos and plus I miss wearing makeup. I miss creating looks and I want to have fun and try some new techniques so be on the lookout!

~**Drea Notes**~

Is anyone picking up anything from Fenty Skin? I am interested but what I’m currently using is working for me. I’m just afraid that my face would break out or I won’t like it. If they start to sell a travel size, I may try it.

I am not ready for Summer to leave yet. August will be here soon and we’ll be in back to school mode before we know it.

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Using this platform to express my creative outlet and love for all things hair, beauty and life.

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