Let’s Talk Skincare Again but Black Owned…..

Besides being a hair and makeup product junkie, I’m starting to become a skincare product junkie lol. I am in my mid 30’s and want to keep my skin looking youthful, healthy and glowing. I feel that skincare is super important, especially if you want that smooth and flawless base before applying makeup. I have combination skin, an oily T-Zone, large pore around my nose area, some dry areas and the rest normal.

I have been making it a point to have majority or close to all of my skincare products from Black Owned Businesses and I am really close it. I just need to find a company to replace the Fresh Black Tea Kombucha Essence and I am all set. Here are a few products that I picked up recently and trying out. I don’t have everything pictured but you’ll hear about them soon.

Annabelle’s Perfect Blend Pink Clay Mask

Roux by Larease Face and Body Mist, Turmeric Face Soap

Elements of Aliel Moisture Balm, Glow Serum

Sugar Goddess Detox and Clarify Purifying Dry Clay Mask

Of course you will get a full in-depth review on each product after I continue to use them for the next couple weeks but spoiler alert….so far so good lol.

What are some of your favorite skincare products? Let me know and see you guys Friday!

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