Youtube Fridays: Trying The Shingling Method

As I always say, better late than never lol. I know I normally have everything ready to go at 12pm but I was honestly just tired this week (that time of the month) and trying to motivate myself to even edit. I was just in a bit of mood too but I got it together.

In today’s video, I’m trying the shingling method for my wash n go. Normally when you see me do this style, I am doing the raking method and I wanted to try something different and new. It is always good to experience and try things with your hair. I have to say I love how my hair turned out and would try this again.

I also tried out some new products by Honey Baby Naturals. I believe I did a review on their products on my other platform but I love their products. This is also a Latina/black owned business as well. Let me know if you picked up any new products. Have a great weekend and see you Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “Youtube Fridays: Trying The Shingling Method

  1. Hey Sis Hey! I haven’t tried this method but I have tried the praying hands method. I’ve tried many spray on leave in conditioners and they don’t work out for me. I love cream base. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your reviews be on point and honest.

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    1. Hey sis! Thank you so much! I’ll probably try that method next but I only like one or two spray leave in conditioner, I guess they are not for me.


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