June Monthly Goal Update

I just can’t get over how fast June got here and how fast it is leaving. It seems like Summer always goes by so quickly and I don’t like it lol. This year is definitely different in the midst of this pandemic and fight for equality, it just doesn’t feel like a typical Summer.

Today I am updating you on the goals I set for myself this month and how I made out with them. So how did I make out? Keep reading to get the update.

Research About Newsletters

I made out really great with this one, There is so much information about newsletters out there and I was just taking it all in. I will be relaunching my monthly newsletter Drea Notes very soon so be on the look out and make sure you are subscribed. I got frustrated with it last time and just want to better grasp my audience moving forward.

Create Youtube Intro

I honestly didn’t think I would get around to this but I did. I actually created an intro. I played around in Final Cut Pro and figured it out myself how to edit it and everything. I didn’t post a video this past Friday but the next video, it will debut lol.

Track Analytics For The Month

I am actively still doing this but this was pretty interesting. I tracked my blog everyday and my Youtube channel every week. It was interesting to see how many visitors, viewers, hours watched and new subscribers I had each day. I could tell when I actively promoted a blog post vs when I don’t. I didn’t think it was important to really pay attention to these things but I’m starting to think that it is. I noticed all the posts that people search for everyday and just how long my videos are watched when I publish them. It is all really interesting. I think I am going to continue doing this from now on.

I will say this was a pretty successful month with my goals. I really took the time to complete them and keep track of my progress. I’m really proud of myself this month!!

Do you set monthly goals? How are you making out with them? I am excited to smash some goals for July! See you guys Friday!

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