Don’t Give Into The Pressure

You should know by now when something is going on, I am most likely going to write about it. I know most of you have seen on social media all the posts about being productive during this time vs not being productive and being still vs do whatever you want, don’t listen to the Internet. There has been a lot of back and forth, some arguments and disputes over YOU should do with YOUR TIME during this social distancing/quarantine. But you see the key words, You and Your correct?

This is a difficult time for a lot of people and something that is new as well. We’re used to being out and about, not being quarantined to now having to distance ourselves from our family and friends, no events, clubs, eating out, brunches and so on. People are not used to this and we all deal with difficult situations in different ways. So why are people telling others how to use their time?

I understand trying to empower others and wanting to motivate people but telling others they are being lazy because they choose not to create more content, open a business or learn more is just wrong. I had to step away and take a break from creating content because I felt pressured by what everyone else was doing. It seems like TikTok is the new popular social media platform and just about everyone is on it. I see how well people are doing and felt pressured to join. I saw how receptive people were to other’s posting their videos from TikTok and felt a little left out in a way. I honestly didn’t want to join another social media platform just to keep up but I felt like it hurt me in a way. It just seemed like people were just interested in seeing TikTok videos, dope editing that I don’t know how to do yet, the amazing challenges and everything else I was not doing. I felt out of place and out of touch( geez I sound old lol).

I felt pressured to change how I’ve been doing things to keep up with everyone else. I felt like I was doing things the “old” and out of date way, I wasn’t keeping up with what is new and in now. I saw how well other posts were doing, the crazy amount of views and started comparing myself again. I started down the path and wondering what I’m doing wrong, what can I do better, why don’t people like my content as much. I felt like I had to conform and be like everyone else when I’m supposed to just be myself. I got in my feeling too much and had to step away.

I want to take this time to be more present at home and enjoy more family time. I’ve missed out on some things with my family, especially with working on the weekends. I want to enjoy this time to self reflect, get organized and focused. I want to use this extra time to be still, slow down and listen to my thoughts. At some point I’ll get into the content creating but I feel like I want to get my headspace right and not overwhelm myself again.

So yea, whatever you want to do with this extra time inside the house is up to you. Don’t give into the pressure off what social media is doing or what the Internet is telling you to do. If you want to create more content or just focus on your mental health, you do that and don’t let people make you feel guilty about it. Also I’ve been seeing a lot of complaining about people going live too much or posting too much. If that their outlet for getting through this, then leave them alone. There is a mute posts, stories or unfollow button if you wish not to see it.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Give Into The Pressure

  1. THIS!!! I’m just taking it day by day. I almost joined til Tom but I said nope, first it’s too much work and second, like you said, it’s just another social media platform to get locked and I need to just be present. I’ll be taking breaks from social media and I’m enjoying my family

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