January Goal Updates

Happy Wednesday!! This week has been pretty rough and just heavy feeling. I hope everyone is doing okay. I’ve just been praying for comfort and strength for everyone.

Today I am updating you on the monthly goals I set for myself this month. I feel like doing monthly post like this will help keep me accountable. So how did I make out? Let’s see!

Create Blogging/Editing/Filming Schedule – This was a hard one and it took me a couple days to really figure out a schedule that will work for me and I have one in place. Next month I’m going to try it out but glad I’ll be more organized with everything!

Create YouTube Banner – This didn’t take me too long using Canva (which is the best thing ever).

Create YouTube Intro – I made a really simple one playing around with Final Cut Pro one night and plan to make another one soon.

Create List Of Filming Equipment Needed – I think this was one of the first things I did and realized I didn’t have a long list like I thought I would.

Create Updated Budget/Savings Goals- This was another one that took a few days to really think about and create. I want to be better with my finances this year and better with saving money.

Practice Posing For Pictures/Find Angles- Now this one I really didn’t get to this month but plan to roll this over into February.

I made out pretty well this month! I feel really good about what I accomplished and look forward to celebrating the small wins every month.

Did you set goals for this month? How did you make out? Let me know!

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Using this platform to express my creative outlet and love for all things hair, beauty and life.

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