Shwaxx Honey Butter Review

We are so much closer to to weekend! What do you guys have planned? My son is playing basketball for the first time and he has his first game over the weekend. I am excited that he is trying a new sport and hope he does really well this season!

Today I am bringing you a review/demo on the new Shwaxx Honey Butter line. I have talked about and reviewed this brand before and have loved everything I’ve tried, even my husband and son love their products! Shwaxx is also a Black Owned Business based in Atlanta,GA. Some of you may not watch Youtube videos so I wanted to also review the products on the blog as well.

Honey Butter Shampoo and Conditioner

I used to be strictly a co-wash girl every week and used shampoo once a month. After my 4 week journey with Fancy’s Hair Innovation, I decided to start shampooing and conditioning my hair every week. I have noticed a big difference versus with only co-washing. This shampoo and conditioner contain honey, shea butter, cocoa butter, capuacu butter and rhassoul clay which are all amazing benefits for your hair. Before I jump into the review, I just need to say that all of these products smell so good! Every time I walked by my husband he had to stop and smell my hair lol!

You get 16.9 oz of product so you have enough to last you for a while, well the shampoo lol. Speaking of the shampoo, I love the thin, watery like texture and how a little bit of this goes a long way. It lathers really nice and leaves your hair feeling moisturized and cleansed. Its doesn’t strip your hair too much of the natural oils or leaves it feeling dry.

The conditioner can be used as a regular rinse out conditioner or a deep conditioner. This has a silky smooth texture and feels pretty lightweight on your hair. It leaves your hair feeling super soft, I just love it.

Honey Butter Curl Custard

I love that Shwaxx added a curl custard to their brand and I am officially obsessed with this! I did a Twaid out using this as my styler along with their leave in conditioner and was just amazed at my results. I had bomb definition, my hair was bouncy, soft, moisturized and my style lasted the entire week. This has a different consistency than some of the other stylers I’ve tried which is like a bouncy, whipped soft consistency.

I just couldn’t get over how amazing my hair looked. This is a new favorite styler for me. I mean do you see this definition?

Overall, I loved everything and will continue to use this Honey Butter line. I do have another tutorial/review coming up use another new line but I highly recommend grabbing this one.

Here is the full tutorial/demo using all the products mentioned and make sure you are subscribed to my channel so you don’t miss any videos which go up every Thursday 12pm EST!

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