2019 Lessons: Stop Looking At Others, You Lost Your Focus

In this social media world, it is so hard not to compare yourself to others. especially when they are hitting goals that you have been working so hard to achieve. You wonder what they did to get there so fast and start to think negatively about what you did wrong. Sometimes you have to take a step back and realize everyone’s path is different and we hit goals at different times. This is another big lesson that I learned this year.

Comparison is a thief of joy as they say and I’ve spent a good portion of this year trying to get that joy back. I know there is plenty of room for everyone to be a content creator/YouTuber/Blogger and so on but sometimes it may seem like others gain success faster than others. Some people do buy followers( and I never understood that) but there are some people that just have it right off the bat. People are going to like what they like, everyone is not going to like what you post and it is okay.

I’ve been blogging for 6 years now and just did it on a whim one day not knowing anything about it. I taught myself about blogging and it has been a road for me lol. I have wasted too many days and nights being frustrated over likes, stats, views, monitizing and so on. Blogging used to be fun at first and when I started to look at what others were doing, the fun just left. I was chasing things I had no business chasing and it honestly drove me crazy. I wondered how some people consistently hit over 100 likes on pictures, comments on every blog post, made so much money just blogging…it just started to drive me a little crazy.

I started this negative spiral of what am I doing wrong, why doesn’t anyone like what I post, how can I start making moves like my fellow bloggers, why haven’t any companies noticed me like that and so on. It got really out of control and I honestly had to take a step back and gather myself. I had to realize my path is different from everyone else’s. I had to realize when it is my season to receive those things, it will come. I can’t rush things I am not ready for. I also can’t complain if I’m not putting in the work.

I lost my focus for my platform and in life. I just literally lost focus and it was difficult to realize that and get that back. At some point I had to unfollow, block and mute some accounts that made me feel some type of way. I had to stop looking at what other people were doing and focus on ME, MYSELF AND I! It took some time but I’m not bothered too much now about what other people are doing. I am just waiting for my season of success and just spend my time clapping it up for others that are hitting goals, did something big and just living their best life. Life is too short to be jealous and envious of others.

Sometimes you honestly need to put the blinders on and be lazer focused on YOU! I have some other 2019 lessons coming but what is something that you learned this year?

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