On A Personal Note….

Hopefully you guys are enjoying Blogmas so far. I really commend those that commit to doing Vlogams, filming and editing daily. It is a lot of work but maybe sometime in the future I would like to try it again. I’ll just enjoy watching everyone else’s lol.

I realized that I haven’t checked in recently. I’ve been just posting away but haven’t updated you on myself. I have been in serious self reflection mode lately and been in my thoughts a lot. I have not been 100% but have been pushing through. It is crazy that 2019 is just about over and we are going into a new year. I am just blessed to be able to see another year and thankful for things.

This year life has been pretty interesting for me. It was very emotional, thought provoking and eye opening. I have been thinking about so much lately and just want to be more transparent and open on here. I am more than this brand and sometimes tend to hide behind these posts too much. I want to really connect with my audience and engage more. I’ve been doing pretty well and learning along the way.

I announced on my newsletter last month that I started a Mommy Blog! I’ve wanted to do one for so long but the fear it would overshadow or do better than this blog got in the way. One day I just created it and have been posting on there every Sunday. You can check it out if you want, (www.naturallemotherhood.home.blog)I know a lot of my followers are not moms and wanted that space to talk about that. I’m not going to promote it as much, I just wanted a separate space for that.

I’ll have more content coming for Blogmas and this has been pretty fun so far. I like this and may continue doing this every year.

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