Holiday Wish List

You are never too old to make a holiday wish list lol. I am enjoying watching my son write out his very long list of toys to Santa lol so I thought I would make a list too.

Now my list isn’t going to be filled with toys but things I would love to have. I honestly feel like an adult with this list lol. I grabbed some images from unsplash so they’re a little abstract but you’ll get the point lol.

The biggest thing I want is a better set up for filming and doing my blog work. I’m not sure if you can tell but I’m standing in most of my videos now and would love a dope set up with a desk and chair. Usually when I’m editing or creating posts, I’m at the dining room table or the couch. I would just love my stuff in its own area of the house.

In addition to a better set up, I would love a set of softbox lights. I am making due with my ring light (thanks husband) but would love to improve the lighting in my videos and pictures.

I would also love some shelving to organize all these hair and makeup products. My stash is only going to keep growing and would love the space to store everything. I know I’ve seen some fellow bloggers and natural hair friends post some units from Amazon.

I thought this was so cute with the back lighting

It is not a Naturalle Drea wish list without some makeup. I know there is a lot out there and I honestly just want a giftcard to Sephora and/or Ulta to shop for what I want ( cough cough..stuff from Fenty).

What do you have on your holiday wish list? Let me know and may add some of those items to my list lol.

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