It is almost time!!

I am so excited for this move! I can’t believe August will be here next week! It seems like the summer is flying by so fast and I feel like I haven’t had much time to enjoy it. It has been so busy at work and just everything that been going on.   Anyway, IContinue reading “It is almost time!!”

July Current Obsessions

It is getting so close to the move, I am so excited. I made the official announcement last week and just feel like this is the right move. I decided to share my current obsessions with you. This is something different I am trying with my favorites. I decided to do these videos every otherContinue reading “July Current Obsessions”

Officially Moving Soon!!

Hey guys! I know that it has been a while and life happens. I wanted to pop in and let you know that I will be officially here in August. I am excited yet a little scared of this move. I’ve been on blogger for so long and it was my start but I thinkContinue reading “Officially Moving Soon!!”