What I Did For Self Care This Week

I feel like I pin pointed a source of self care for me…music. I know I missed yesterday because it wasn’t a good day at work. I felt the growth in myself as I removed myself from a situation at work instead of giving that person the reaction they were looking for. I came home, put on my Savage x Fenty Onesie, opened my favorite Fall/Winter wine and put on my Old School playlist. I love listening to music from the Motown era and greats like Gladys, Aretha, The Spinners and so on. I just got lost in the music as I was air frying chicken and just danced around. I forgot about what happened that day and just let myself enjoy the music.

I feel like listening to music is something that is self care for me. It just brightens the mood and makes me forgot about any worries or problems I was having. I just get lost in the lyrics and dance around the house. It just puts me in such a good mood and this would be one of things I would define as my go to self care. I’m so happy I identified one thing I can do for self care and it is something I really love so much. So glad I challenged myself to do this every week because I found something that I love to do just for myself.

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