Hood Feminism Book Review

I’m slowing getting back into reading everyday. I made a goal for this year to read 8-10 books and also read everyday. Not sure what happened but I fell off for a while. I know there are audio books out there but it is not the same as sitting and using your imagination while physically turning the pages. If I can listen to podcasts, I can probably try to listen to an audiobook. It took me a while but I finished another book and this one was interesting and very thought provoking. Let’s get into my thoughts of Hood Feminism.

Hood feminism as a concept is not only about the ways we challenge these narratives, it is about recognizing that the solutions to many problems”. Mikki Kendall

Listen, I absolutely love being a black woman but I honestly hate how we are treated and perceived in this country and around the world. As the Malcolm X quote goes “The most direspected person in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman”. That quote made so much more sense while reading this book. As I kept reading each chapter, I just felt myself getting angry at times and shaking my head in disbelief. We honestly deserve so much better. We are always on the front line fighting, standing up for causes, speaking up, speaking out and just always there.

I can honestly attest to the disrespect I’ve endured in the workplace and in public. I’ve been labeled as difficult, having a bad attitude and the “angry black woman” for standing up for myself when I am being disrespected or speaking out against unethical things going on. I’ve been told that I don’t talk or open up enough because I choose not to tell my whole life story or share certain parts of my life with co workers. I’ve been followed around in stores, accused of stealing, ignored when I needed help and just treated like shit sometimes. No one deserves that at all when they do absolutely nothing but be black and not be the one to tolerate being talked to any ol’ way or disrespected when you are nothing but respectful to others.

The focus is on black women but it also speaks on how unfairly the Latinax community is treated as well as the Indigenous women and LGBTQIA community. It is not just us and it is pretty sad. Women should be united as one as we are often treated unfairly, underpaid, and discriminated against at times but it just feels like we aren’t. hood Feminism does an amazing job about giving the facts and telling the truth about how we are really treated and perceived in this country.

But on a good note, this is a really good read. It just makes you really think about things and reading it from a different perspective. I know women in general are often disrespected and treated unfairly but it is treatment of black women that just infuriates me so much. Hopefully things will start to change at some point.

What is the last book you have read or currently reading? Let’s chat. See you guys tomorrow!

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