On A Personal Note…

It is crazy how May is here already. I need these months to slow down because I want to enjoy Spring and Summer. I am currently sitting outside enjoying the beautiful Spring weather. I love this time of year where I can sit outside all hours of the day and just enjoy it. I love being outside…well only when the weather is nice lol. It is my happy place and also self care.

Life has been okay lately. Work has been extremely busy and pretty stressful on my end but I’m managing. I am hoping things will get better at some point. I mean I like being busy at work but I just don’t like being super stressed. I’m thankful to have a job and to be working in a field that I love but can we take the stress out of it lol.

I have calmed down about creating content because I was at a point that I was over it and stressed about it too. I probably was in my feelings and felt some type of way about things. I still love creating content and everything but there are days I am not feeling it lol. It is so important to take those breaks when you feel like that and step away for a bit. I was stressing the other day trying to capture content so I could have a YouTube video up for Sunday but it was okay. It really wasn’t worth that stress at all.

I’m also stressed about motherhood at the moment. My son is 11 and the pre-teen/teen attitude is already starting and I’m not ready. He is growing up so fast and just can’t believe I’ve been a Mom for 11 years. I know this level of parenting is going to be such a challenge and so hard. I know how I was as a teenager and I know I was a lot. I just don’t want to be at the point where I’m yelling too much or always losing my shit. I know I have to be somewhat tough but be understanding as well. It is just a lot on me sometimes because of what has been happening lately in this country, I worry a lot and it is so heavy mentally on me at times. But honestly, I couldn’t imagine life like is it now, being a Mom makes life so good.

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