What I Did For Self Care Lately

Listen..it has been a crazy few days at work recently and self care was so much needed. My usual go to is music and indulging in my favorite beverage but I have been doing other self care acts as well. I love that I am defining it for me and doing what works for me. It just feels good to do the little things that make me happy. I don’t know why I’ve been super stressed at work lately but I’m not letting it take a toll on me or bring it home.

The warm weather is here and you know it is the time for one of my favorite self care things….sitting outside. If I could, I would honestly just be outside all day and night. I love sitting in my backyard, listening to outside or music, feeling the breeze hit my skin and just enjoying the fresh air. My favorite times to be outside is in the morning or at night. Both times it is super quiet and you just hear nature and cars going by lol but it is just so peaceful and calming. I do wish I had an actual front porch…well a large enough one or a coverage area so I can sit outside whenever it rains.

I’ve also been taking better care of myself and making a better effort of it. I started taking vitamins and I’ve noticed a big difference. I feel like I have more energy and not waking up so groggy and tired in the mornings. I love it. Here are the vitamins I’m currently taking and so far so good with them. I got them at Target of course lol.

I also have been working my way towards really working out again and being more active because I’ve noticed my jeans are fitting way too snug now and that is a problem. I just started stretching for 5 minutes every morning and it feels so good and noticing I don’t feel so stiff. I really want to get back into being super active and lifting weights but I don’t want to rush due to it being like over 3 years since I’ve been really active.

I thought I would share who I’ve been listening to a lot lately as well. Alex Isley has been in heavy rotation on my Spotify. Her music is a vibe and so chill. I can listen to it at work and when I’m home. I’ve also have Snoh Aalegra, Jorja Smith and NAO in heavy rotation at work and home too. I just love the chill, relax vibes of their songs. You should check them out.

I’m happy to be making myself a priority and taking better care of me. I just feel really good and I’m so happy the Spring/Summer weather is here so I can just be outside for as long as I can. As I’m writing this post, I’m sitting in the backyard, listening to Alex Isley with a margarita. Life is getting good with the self care. How have you been putting yourself first or taking care of yourself lately? Let’s chat.

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