Cocokind Ceramide Barrier Serum Review

It is hard not to be influenced when you see someone talking about a product and see the results on how it has worked for them. I am skeptical when it comes to trying new skincare because my skin is pretty sensitive. I’m envious of those who can just try out new products all the time, change up their routine and not have many issues. My skin is different lol. I do have combination skin and I can’t just keep switching my products out because of how my skin may react.

I saw on of my fellow creator friends talking about Cocokind and was intrigued. Her skin looked amazing and was glowing and I had to check out something from this brand. Cocokind is pretty new to me and I decided to pick up their serum. I know I should have started with a cleanser or moisturizer but I was in the market for a new daytime serum.

This serum is a blend of five ceramides and squalane support the skin barrier and help reduce moisture loss. It also leaves skin noticeably hydrated, supple and more comfortable. The main ingredients in this serum are the five ceramides (that helps with help maintain the skin’s natural function, reduce moisture loss and help to protect against dehydration, irritation and signs of aging), beta glucan (humectant that helps bring in hydration and plump the skin) and lipids (supports skin’s natural barrier , seal in moisture and protect against external aggressors).

This serum really seemed promising and really amazing but unfortunately my skin was not a fan of it. I know you are supposed to give products a few days and give them a chance but I could only do one day with this serum. I’m not sure if it was the combination of the products I normally use but my skin was itchy the entire day. It also felt tight and a little dry in certain areas. My skin also broke out a little bit with some red blotches. When I washed my face like normal the next day, it all went away.

This serum really seems amazing but it didn’t work for me. I’m not sure if I can use Cocokind products for myself but I would recommend that you check this brand out. They are pretty affordable and can be found in Ulta. I believe I am able to return or exchange this at Ulta. I’m kinda of sad this didn’t work out for me. Have you tried this brand before? Let’s chat.

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