2021. Taught Me: I Needed To Stop Making Empty Promises To Myself And Start Doing What I Said I Was Going To Do

This lesson was a hard one to admit and realize but it is so true. I talked a lot of shit this year and years prior but never did anything. I would find other things to blame but needed to look at myself. I feel as if I’ve ruined things if I just did what I said I was going to do. I know I am still working through fear and all but I realized how much of a toll it is taking on me and how much it is effecting my life.

I promised to do so much this year and failed to even start most of them. I wanted to lose a few pounds so I would feel better about myself, start working out and eating healthier and did nothing to work towards that. I sat and had negative thoughts about myself about how I hated how I looked in my clothes and how I just don’t like how I looked. I said I was going do better with saving and budgeting and barely stuck to that. I said I was going to do so much with creating content and didn’t do so much. I said I was going to work on my friendships, learn to have difficult conversations with people and did none of that. I just hate that I kept letting myself down and had to sit with the disappointment and failure. It was a lot on me mentally.

I am going to change that in 2022. I am going to stop letting myself down and stop making these empty promises. I just need to do what I said I was going to do. I know it is something that will take a little time but I’m willing to put the work in.

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