2022 Intentions and Goals

We made it to 2022!! I am so excited for this new year and everything it has to bring. I am just looking forward to continuing to grow and elevate from last year. 2021 wasn’t too bad but did it have to take Betty White right before the new year tho?? That was such a shock to everyone and she was weeks away from turning 100.

I believe I posted about my 4th quarter goals for 2021 and I will tell you that I completed none of them or even thought about them at all. I was just so busy with work and focused on getting through the rest of 2021. I am more committed to my intentions and goals for 2022 and just making this year better than last year. I stopped making resolutions years ago and just wanted to focus on being intentional and creating goals that fit me. I know last year I said I wanted to be resilient, fearless and manifesting positive vibes. I had no clue how 2021 was going to go and slowly started moving away from that theme. I was still dealing with fear, pushing away negative thoughts and not so strong willed. I feel like I need to move away from setting themes for the year because you never know where life will go and how things will move for you. I just evaluate how last year went, what I actually needed to work on and move from there.

This year is about focusing on me, myself and I. I want to be able to be whole when showing up for my family, work and creating content. I want to stop running on fumes, pouring from empty and putting myself on the back burner. I really do need to come first and stop not taking care of myself. I want to be healthy and 100 % in all aspects of my life. I can’t continue on the path I started last year. My focus is on taking better care of myself (mentally, physically and spiritually), focusing on my financial stability and just growing from 2021. I feel like putting the focus on me would help me be a better wife, mother, family member and employee. I just want to do and be better. I also have 7 books on my list to read this year as well. I am still working on the intentions for the year but will update next week.

I also want to focus on growing my content as well but will wait a few months. I want to get in the groove of focusing on myself first to add that on. I want to build more of community and people who generally love the content I put out, not trying to increase their numbers. I feel like I am just going along with the flow of the new year and seeing where it leads and takes me. Did you set goals, intentions or resolutions for 2022? Let’s chat!

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