2021 Taught Me: I Needed To Put Myself First And Stop Pouring From Empty

Happy Monday and last week of 2021! I know many of us are excited to start a new year and put this one behind us. I’m thankful that we made it through this year but Rona and Omarion variant really need to go, I’m tired of them!

Today’s lesson from 2021 is about how I kept putting myself on the backburner and kept pouring from empty. I think I needed to let go of that superwoman/ supermom mentality and be real. It does amaze me how I can do so much but these days I have been running ragged and just tired. I honestly didn’t really realize how busy my new job was going to be and the constant demands of it on top coming home to my other full time job that never stops of mom and wife. Also trying to maintain a household and put out this content part time. Whew! It just felt like I had no time to myself.

I just kept going and working, pouring into work and home when I running on straight fumes. I kept putting off any type of self care or time alone to make sure everything and everyone else was good. I can’t keep doing that and won’t take that into 2022. I really need to make myself a whole ass priority and put myself first before things. I want to be around long term for my family and be healthy.

I haven’t created all of my goals and intentions for next year but making myself a priority is at the top of the list. How do you prioritize yourself when you have so much going on? Let’s chat!

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