Needed A Little Reminder Today

Today I was reminded of something that I have been trying to practice for so long. I got a little frustrated about social media and creating content which led me to posting something on my IG stories. When I get frustrated, I’m supposed to reach for my journal. I’ve been doing well except for today. I was frustrated about losing followers, how it is for smaller creators, lack of engagement and so on. I really hate how the algorithm is now and it just makes things 100 percent harder. I thought people weren’t liking my content, using the wrong hashtags and not doing what everyone else is doing. Just seems like the app and company are more worried about taking down other social media platforms instead of listening to the users and what they want.

My cousin messaged me and told me to stop. I need to just keep doing what I’m doing and gave other suggestions. It always helps to have people in your circle that will call you out and help you as well. I know I needed that but I honestly need to reach for my journal when I feel like ranting or get frustrated. I am grateful for people like my cousin in my circle.

I want to try to figure out how to grow, create better content and so on. I know at some point I will need another camera and more lighting which I need to start saving for like now. I know things will get better and I’ll find that community of people to grow with, just need to be patient.

Side note, I started this post and had to step away several times lol but I honestly didn’t want to miss a day of Blogtober. See you guys tomorrow!

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