Women Are Amazing Because……

We are shattering glass ceilings and telling society to shove it with its “beauty” standards.

We come in all shapes, sizes, skin tones, personalities and I love us for being so versatile.

We can be in sweats with no makeup one day and in the streets slaying the next.

We can change our hair and morph it into anything amazing.

We are stepping into our own and not letting others define us, we make our own rules.

We are owning our bodies and owning our sexuality without apology or approval.

We are owning empires, in the boardroom, starting trends, in the White House, saving the country and being unapologetic about it.

We don’t back down, we don’t take anyone’s mess and we don’t let anyone tell us we can’t do something…we’ll just come back and prove you wrong.

I’m proud to be a woman, we are amazing and just everything.

Just wanted to celebrate women today, well it is Women’s History Month and should be celebrated everyday like Black History Month. Why are women so amazing? What you you love the most about being a woman? Let’s chat. See you guys tomorrow!

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