My Blogging Journey

I’ve been on this platform for about 2 years and I don’t think I really got into how I started blogging and so on. I most likely did so on my previous platform but anyway here is how I got started lol.

I was about 3 years into my natural journey and still straightening my hair at the time. I was scared about what my natural curls would look like. So I started watching a bunch of Youtube videos trying to figure out what to do with my hair, how to make my curls pop and so on. This was when I started to become a bit of a product junkie because I was just trying about everything and every technique there was lol. Also, I discovered subscription boxes and at the time I was receiving Birchbox, Beauty Army and Ipsy (there was one more but I don’t remember the name of it lol). I was also navigating through being a new mom and trying to balance working and home life. I think I came across something online or watching Youtube about blogging and it intrigued me. I was looking for an outlet that I could call my own, something that was just for me to do outside of everything else and somewhere to interact with others.

So I did a little research and found Blogger was the platform to start out on. I created a blog and honestly don’t remember the name of it. At the time I had no clue about blogging, having to promote yourself and so on. I researched and did everything myself with little help and still do til this day. I’m like a one woman show lol. Anyway, I did post it on my Facebook and nothing. I got frustrated just after a week and deleted it. I was just disappointed that no one wanted to read it or even check it out but I thought about how I just quit and gave up way to easy. So I started another one called SexxyFashionMakeupHairMomma…yea I know. I wasn’t thinking at the time and just wanted something I thought would fit me. I was a mom who loved fashion and makeup, on a natural hair journey and thought I was sexy lol. Hey it worked at the time but noticed when I tried to tell people about it, the name was way too long to say and spell out.

I had to really think of something that would be catching and not too long so Naturalle Drea was created and stuck with me ever since. When I started blogging for the second time lol, I promised myself that I wouldn’t quit of give up again because you don’t get the traffic or interaction you thought you would get. This is something I wanted to do for my own benefit and hopefully reach others. I wanted someone who came across Naturalle Drea to learn something new, learn that your natural hair is tamable and it is beautiful, that you can do anything you put your mind to and walk away with something valuable.

I stayed on the Blogger platform for a few years and really wanted that .com and somewhere to grow. I fought with this decision for a while because I built my blog from here and feared losing my followers (which I honestly did lose most of them but gained more) and not being successful if I moved. I knew I was going to have to invest a little to get my own url that was mine and eventually moved over to WordPress. It was risky and scary but thankful that I did it.

This blogging journey of mine has been really interesting, frustrating and rewarding all at once lol. I’ve had my moments were I wanted to shut everything down or not blog anymore but I hear that promise in the back of my mind telling me not to give up. Even thought I’m not monetizing and doing this full time like I thought I would be, this is still fun for me. I love creating content and making this space my own. I love when I reach and inspire others, it really warms my heart. I just love that I’m still doing this 7 years later. I’m not sure what I see for the future of Naturalle Drea but hopefully I continue to grow, evolve and reach others. See you guys tomorrow!!

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