Do We Need To Be Everywhere To Be Successful?

I was thinking about this last night and this morning and just had to write about it. This was actually inspired by seeing a lot of people talking about ClubHouse, the new social media app now. I kind of noticed this trend with a lot of people I follow on social media to hop on every new platform that comes out and I feel it can get redundant at times. If I follow you on Instagram for example, I’ll sometimes see the same thing posted on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and so on if I’m on those platforms too. Now I’m not bashing anyone for doing this because some people only have Facebook and some people only love Twitter but honestly is it necessary to be on all social media platforms to be successful?

Even though it seems like all social media apps are starting to look and navigate the same way, I feel they should still be used differently. When I did have my Facebook page for my blog, I would try to engage my audience with discussion questions, feedback, of course post my blog post and so on. I thought I needed to be on that platform because I saw the success that other bloggers were having with it but my audience was full of my family and friends who really didn’t support what I was doing. Yes, they accepted the invite to like the page and people viewed but I was looking for interaction and engagement. I decided to shut down the page last month. I didn’t want to keep stressing myself out about it.

I am more successful on Instagram with my posts and stories. I seem to get the most interaction (most of the time) from others there. Yes I do have Twitter but realized it was not made for me to promote my blog or content so I just use it for entertainment. I do have my blog post automatically posting there from another platform and if people find my post, I am grateful. I know I couldn’t use my Snapchat for promoting anything because again I have people on there who don’t care about my blog or my content so that is just for fun and the filters lol. I’ve had Pinterest long before it became more geared towards promoting your content. I use Pinterest to find fashion inspiration, meal ideas, new workouts, crafts to do with my son and so on. Pinterest helped me plan my wedding 3 years ago. I attempted to use Pinterest for promoting my blog, even changed my account over but it was too overwhelming for me. I was already posting on here, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest became a second thought so I just changed it back.

If being everywhere works for you, that is truly amazing because it just seems way too overwhelming. I just feel like for myself it doesn’t work for me and that is okay. I wasn’t interested in TikTok when it came out and saw everyone running over there. Yes I kinda felt left out not being able to see what others were posting and having access to those dope editing features. Now I see everyone raving and running over to ClubHouse. I see that others can reach more people and drop gems to wider audience than going live or on stories. The app seems dope but I don’t seem to have a place or need for it. I’m not trying to start a business, grow my blog or brand or trying to pitch to brands. I am staying in my lane here of doing this content for fun and if I’m approached for a collab, I’m not turning down money lol ( if it aligns with me).

I guess what I’m trying to say is, do what works for you. If you can maintain being on all social media platforms and find success with it, keep going and keep doing it. I just feel like it isn’t that necessary if it isn’t your avenue, if you are spreading yourself thin or not having success with it. Maybe I don’t understand because I’m not in that world of being a full time blogger/content creator and I honestly don’t have to understand everything. Everything isn’t for me and that is okay.

So do you think you need to be everywhere to be successful?

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