A Positive Outlook On This…..

It seems like everything is crazy right now with this virus going around. The shelves are empty at the stores, schools are closed, businesses are starting close and it seems like we are on lock down. People are panicking causing pandemonium and complaining about having to stay indoors for a while. It seems like some people are only looking at this from a negative point but I’ve chosen to see the positive side of this.

I honestly was not too worried, just how rapidly this was spreading concerned me. I understand why they are trying to limit people being out and about so it can be contained and stops spreading so fast. It can be frustrating to be at home working or with your family. The kids may drive you a little crazy and you may start to feel like you have cabin fever but its for our own good.

I’ve been wanting to work more from home and be more present at home. I’ve missed some important milestones in my son’s life and some events because of work. I want to be around more to help with picking him up from school, spending more time together as a family, cook dinner and so on. Plus I don’t have to get dressed up and can wear my sweats everyday, I’m happy lol. I was thankful when I heard the announcement about working remote for a couple weeks and being home. Kids grow up so fast and soon they’ll be adults and leaving the house. I want to cherish these moments when he is this small (well he’s a big boy but you get it if you have kids). Life is so short these days.

I may have a different perspective than others but I’m growing and choosing to look at things from a positive perspective. I feel like everything will be fine and we’ll be out and about soon. We should be cherishing this time with family and creating more memories. I hope and pray you all are doing well and will be good.

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