2019 Taught Me

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! I am so excited for Christmas, well I know my son is more excited than me lol! I still have some gifts to wrap and hopefully I don’t have to run out for any last minute gifts.

Today I wanted to highlight a few things that 2019 taught me this year. I have posts throughout Blogmas talking about the biggest lessons I learn this year (hopefully you have read them).

  • I was not ready to level up this year. I still had some lessons to learn
  • I need to set boundaries and stick to them
  • I need to stop letting fear drive my life, can’t keep living in fear and being afraid to go after things I want
  • Keep going, do not stop what you are doing.
  • I need to be more compassionate, caring, think about others more and just be more empathetic
  • I need to be a better friend and define what friendship truly is
  • I need to speak up when something is not right and not just let it go and never say anything.
  • I need to learn how to have those difficult conversations with others
  • To be thankful and pay more attention to those who support me rather than the non supporters, they do not matter
  • I was being set up to be a better position to receive the things I’ve been asking for.

So that is all what 2019 taught me. I am thankful for this year, the lessons I learned, the up and downs and just everything. I am ready for what 2020 has in store for myself and my family. What are you looking forward to in 2020?

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