Fancys Hair Innovation: 4 Week Journey Review

When I started on my natural hair journey over 10 years ago, I had no clue what I was doing. I just knew I needed to take care of this hair that was once relaxed and it was a journey. I watched countless YouTube videos, did a ton a research online, tried a whole bunch of products and techniques until I figured out how to tame this hair. I knew I just wanted my hair to look good and be healthy.

Fast forward to now, I kind of gotten away from that and more worried about how bomb my style is going to be and not too much about the overall health of my hair. If I want to have that amazing style, I need to have the health. I didn’t realize so much about my hair until I started using Fancy’s Hair Innovation.

This is a 6 step hair regimen geared towards 4 hair types to improve the overall health of your natural hair. I know that after one use I couldn’t give an accurate review so I went on a 4 week journey only using this hair system to see how it would improve my hair. I do have a post reviewing all the products that you can check out right here:

Week 1

Even though this was the initial start of this journey, I really liked how my hair felt after washing, conditioning and styling. One of the first things I noticed was how moisturized my hair stayed after a full week. Normally my hair would start to get dry, my scalp would be itching and it would just be ready for washing again. I did have some flaking and dandruff but not as much as I would normally have.

Week 2

This is when I noticed a real significant change to my hair. Normally my hair is a hassle to wash after wearing it for a week. It would normally be tangled, hair all in the tub from the crazy amount of shedding and it would just take a while to wash my hair. I did not have any issues with washing my hair at all! I was able to shampoo and condition my hair in a breeze with no issues. I also did not have a lot of shedding at all which was mind blowing. I usually have almost a palm full of hair when I finish washing and detangling my hair, it was not the case this week. It was a small amount the size of a golf ball, well slightly smaller but you get the point.

Another thing I noticed was how my hair had a nice sheen to it and didn’t look all dull like it normally does sometimes. It just looked so moisturized like it felt and seemed like it was healthier.

Week 3

Once again it was such a breeze washing my hair. It was just so easy without the usual hassle, I loved it. I also did not have as much shedding again and noticed it was not all in my tub and shower. My hair was was able to retain moisture and hydration much better and there was was barely any flakes or dandruff.

Week 4

This was the last week of using this hair regimen and it totally changed my hair in a good way. It was great to experience wash day not taking so long and washing my hair with such ease. It was nice to not struggle with detangling my hair and not having so much shedding. I would normally clog my tub every month with all the hair but I had no tub issues at all (I know my husband was happy about that lol). My hair was so easy to style, it was shiny, moisturized, retained hydration and stayed defined.

After using these products over the past 4 weeks, it really changed my perspective on caring for my natural hair. It made me more aware to pay attention to the overall health of my hair. I didn’t realize that the excessive shedding is not normal and it should not be such so difficult to wash your hair.

I would recommend this 6 step system to anyone who struggles with wash day, who has excessive amounts of shedding, who wants healthy hair and has tried almost every products under the sun that didn’t work or help with the current hair issues. I am going to continue incorporating this regimen in my routine because I want this healthy hair to stay!

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