2019 Lessons: Owning My Truth and Learning to Hear It

This lesson…whew…this was a hard one and I honestly needed it. I never liked hearing the truth, especially about myself. I tried to run from it, hide from it, avoid it but there there is no getting away from truth at all.

Yes at 35 years old, I’m still running from the truth and I think it is time to really stop. I am still pretty sensitive to some things and never liked hearing the harsh truth about things I’ve done or have been doing. I would get easily offended and put a wall up. I didn’t want to hear it but I really needed to. I needed to hear those things to help me grow, improve and learn but instead blocked the potential for improvement.

I walked around wondering why the same things kept happening, why things were always going wrong, why nothing was changing. I couldn’t blame anyone but myself. The biggest truth is not holding myself accountable for my actions or things that happen. I will sit there and place blame on everything else instead of looking in the mirror. I am only accountable for myself and need to own up to it.

It took me some time to open up about hearing the truth and realized it is not all that bad. I still will clam up about some things but taking it one day at a time.

I know there is so much room for improvement and learning to own my truth. It will only help me work towards that better version of myself and leveling up. Just going to keep taking this one day at a time, I got this. I can changing and learn how to not be afraid of the truth and just own it like a boss.

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