November/December Current Obsessions

I just realized I never posted a video for this lol. I’m not sure how time got away from me last month but I barely blogged lol. Well this is usually a video but decided to do it in blog form. If you are not familiar with my current obsessions, they are my monthly favorites that I call my obsessions and usually post about them every other month.

In usual fashion, I couldn’t remember everything I was obsessed with lol but I will be having a Best of 2019 series coming up next week. Let’s jump into these obsessions.

Perfumes (Donna Karen Cashmere Mist, Versace Yellow Diamond, Juicy Couture Juicy Oui)

I have been obsessed with these three scents for the past couple of months. Someone purchased this perfume sample set last Christmas for me and I just got around to opening it lol. I’m not sure what took me so long but I just love all of these perfumes. There are 2 more perfumes in the set that I didn’t try yet but I’ll probably love them too lol. They are all not too strong and just smell amazing.

Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser

I received this cleanser in a subscription box and just fell in love with it. This cleanser is perfect for this time of the year because it is so moisturizing and leaves your skin feeling so soft.

Gemini Naturals Get Hued Vegan Temporary Color Gel

Why didn’t someone tell about this sooner? I absolutely love the temporary hair color. Sometimes coloring your hair can be damaging and this is a safe way to play around with different colors and see what looks good on you. I love how easy it is to apply, how pigmented the color is and it not a hassle to wash out. Here I’m wearing the color Sunset and will be picking up some more very soon lol. Oh did I metion this is a Black Owned Business?

Rich Coast Headbands

I am absolutely obsessed with these headbands. I came across this company which is Black Owned by the way at the NJ Natural Hair and Beauty expo this year. I was drawn to all the bright colors and patterns. I love how stretchy the material is so its not too tight on your head and super comfortable. It helps to hide a bad hair day or twists that didn’t dry overnight or just a cute fashion statement.

ABH x Jackie Aina Palette

I told myself I wasn’t buying anymore makeup for a while but when I saw that Jackie was dropping this palette, I had to get my hands on it. I already have a few favorites from this brand but Jackie did that with this palette!

First off the pigmentation is everything! I love how she created a palette geared towards women of color but will look flattering on everyone. I can use every single shade in this palette and honestly got my money’s worth. I am literally obsessed with this palette.

Look I created with this palette

Liberty Republic Pillow Talk Lashes

Now first off I’m a little sad that this company is no longer in business because I really love these lashes! I picked these up at IMATS a few years ago and this was owned by makeup artist Jordan Liberty. I let them sit around for a while and I regret it now lol. I love how you can wear these lashes everyday and how comfortable they are. I’m still mad it took me a while to wear them but good thing I got 2 pairs of lashes.

So that is it for the last current obessions for 2019. Have you tried anything mentioned? What were some of your favorite products?

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