Fearless Con Year 5 Recap

I always look forward to attending this event every year and was so excited to celebrate 5 years of Fearless Con! I have a recap of year 4 that you can check out right here: https://naturalledrea.com/2018/10/09/fearless-con-2018/

If I had to describe Fearless Con, it would be a judgement free zone where like-minded boss women can gather, connect and walk away with useful information. I love the connections I’ve made attending this conference and meeting new people. I am thankful to our fearless leader Melissa Alam for this amazing conference.

This year the conference was held at The Deacon which is such a cute space. It is a boutique hotel and event space which is perfect for events like this.

We kicked off Fearless Con with a few poems by Neerali Patel which set the tone for the day. Oh by the way, I have highlights saved on my Instagram page (hopefully you are following me naturalle_drea). After the spoken word, we had our first panel, the Wellness Panel. We heard from Calan Ma’Lyn, founder of GreenThumb, Suzie Welsh, founder of Binto, Julie Sharma, founder of Meditation Live and Bonkosi Horn, co-founder of Freedom Apothecary.

My key take aways from this panel is that you come first and your wellness is not selfish. Also to put your wellness and self-care into perspective when you have to care for other people. We often put other people first and totally forget about ourselves and we need to do a better job of taking care of us as well.

Also, a few tips on how to shut down the negative thoughts:

  • Look at the positive by thinking of 3 positive things
  • Practice affirmations
  • Make mood boards

We all know that social media is basically running everything but you should ask yourself where it is adding value to your life and where it is taking away. It is good to unplug from it sometimes.

After that panel was the first breakout session. You had a choice to attend a few different sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The first one I attended was Alternate Ways to Reduce Stress.

I have to say, Carlee Myers is amazing and loved hearing about different ways to deal with stress. If you are typically stressed out, you would be advised to go to the gym, seek traditional therapy, medication, go shopping and so on. Sometimes those methods of dealing with stress may not work for everyone and you need an alternative. We learned about creative stress reduction that helps you to step out of fight or flight and into a state of play.

We had lunch after our morning breakout session and the food was so good. It was provided by Pita Chip and I will be going back soon lol.

It was time for our afternoon breakout session, I went to a breathwork session by Jessica Peppler it was truly an experience. I have never done any kind of breathwork before and it is something I will be incorporating into my daily routine. It changed my outlook an how a simple breath and can change your perspective and your energy.

We all gathered again for the last panel of the day, Navigating Modern Motherhood. We heard from some boss moms who gave tips on how to balance the demands of motherhood and work. My key takeaway was to set those boundaries with motherhood and to compartmentalize between work and family life. It can be hard when you have to work to support your family but you want to be more present. I really enjoyed the insight and advice from these moms.

It is always good to step out your comfort zone and try something you thought you never would do. We got the chance to shoot our shot at the conference. We had to get up on stage and introduce ourself, say what we did, what we could offer and what we were looking for. Knowing myself, I would never do something like this but why not, you know never know what could happen and I made some great connections by putting myself out there.

After getting over the nerves of being on stage, Casey Clark helped us to introduce ourselves better, how to use your voice and make it your own. I had no clue there was more aspects to your voice and how you can use it.

Luna Maye closed out Fearless Con with sound meditation and it was pretty dope. I’ve never experienced this before and when I closed my eyes during the session, I just zoned into the sound and all the thoughts just left my mind. I felt so relaxed and at ease during the session and would look into this more often.

We closed out Fearless Con with a happy hour and it was great time to network, chill and just have a good time before going home. Once again, Fearless Con did not disappoint. It is always amazing to meet new people, reconnect and learn something new. Women are amazing, women are bosses and we are badasses! What you enjoy most about attending conferences?

See you guys tomorrow!

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