Blogging Is A Community..Right??

I tend to go back and watch my older YouTube videos. I watch them to see how I can improve and look at how far I have come. It is crazy that I started out doing videos in my bathroom using my laptop camera with no editing software. I’ve come a long way from there but I came across this video I did a year ago that inspired today’s post.


I don’t remember what inspired that video but with all the drama that has been going on lately, its hard not to get caught up in it and feel like you have to take a side. I feel like the beauty/blogging/influencer world gets a bad rap for some of the bad apples in the bunch. I feel like this sense of “community” is not what it used to be.

There are some really dope, amazing bloggers and influencers out there that are so supportive, helpful and willing to share their tips on how they became sucessful. On the other hand in this community, there are people who withhold information thinking you are trying to outshine them or be more successful and not give them credit. I’ve come across that and told myself to never be like that. If you know me or slid in my DM before, I’ll answer any question you ask about what I use to edit, where I got a clothing item from or what I use for my IG stories.

I want to see everyone be sucessful and I feel good if I am able to help you along the way. The point of a community is to help each other and be a support system. I just wanted to share this message today and hope it inspires you.

What is community to you when you think of that word? Let me know and see you guys tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Blogging Is A Community..Right??

  1. Loved this post and your YouTube video. Community to me is supporting another person without thinking that they’re competition and supporting others without thinking they will dim your light or even make your success look like trash. I’ve had so many moments where I wanted to quit and say forget all of this, but thankfully the connections I’ve built since starting my Instagram and Blog have pushed me to keep going. We may not see the light at the end of the tunnel yet, but as long as we keep trying we’ll get closer and closer!

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    1. I think I have moments like that every week lol but I get reminded of why I started doing this. I agree if we keep going, we’ll see the light! Thanks Madisen!


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