July Current Obsessions

If you are new to Naturalle Drea or have been wondering about what my current obsessions are, let me tell you lol.. They are basically my favorites that I have been loving, reaching for like crazy and I talk about them every other month and call them my current obsessions. Have you tried anything IContinue reading “July Current Obsessions”

Bask And Bloom Skincare Essentials Demo

Just realized that this week on the blog is all about skincare lol. If you missed yesterday’s post, I gave you guys some of my skincare tips and today I am showing you a demo on a few skincare products by Bask & Bloom. You have seen me demo their hair products and I wasContinue reading “Bask And Bloom Skincare Essentials Demo”

Black Owned Business Feature: Bask And Bloom

I am still wondering where the weather is lol. I think it was like this last year where Winter was extended but I am not going to complain, I know the weather will come around eventually…well I hope soon. Today’s Black Owned Business feature is Bask And Bloom. ** My attempt at flat lay, whatContinue reading “Black Owned Business Feature: Bask And Bloom”

Chunky Twistout Tutorial f/Bask And Bloom

It is always good to try new things and switch it up a bit. I decided to try a different way of doing my hair and I loved it! I am always scared that something will go wrong or my hair will be a disaster (and it has happened before lol) but this time itContinue reading “Chunky Twistout Tutorial f/Bask And Bloom”