What I Did For SelfCare Lately

Hmmm…..so I feel like I’ve been focusing on the small things lately for self care. I love when I get those little moments of joy to myself, it just makes my day. Work has been super stressful and a lot lately and grateful for those moments.

So last night, I went out with my best friend and her sister to a local bar. It was such a good time and happened to be karaoke Wednesday. This one older couple was super cute, the husband would get up and sing a song and his wife would sing a song right after him. I just thought it was so cute. It was great to get out during the week and have a good time. Also I went to Target and food shopping by myself. That is self care to me because I can take my time, no one is asking to add extra stuff to the cart or go look at toys and video games. It just feels good to go wonder some aisles alone lol.

I think that was the extend of my self care but I enjoyed it so much. Also that is all I can remember lol. What have you done for self care lately? Let’s chat.

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