Little Love Letter To Women

You know, I really love being a woman…except for that time of month lol but it is amazing. We are trailblazers, bad ass bosses, leaders, changers and so much more. We are forever evolving, creating trends and shaking up things. We can change our hair, switch up our style, pivot and just reinvent ourselves. I love how we band together when issue arises and fight together. I love the sisterhood of those we barely know online hyping you up or giving you a compliment in public. It just feels good when others speak positivity over you and make you feel good. I love how we want to see each other succeed and win and will uplift and support.

Women are amazing, we bring life into this world, we multitask like no other, problem solvers, innovators, creators and so much more. Sometimes I feel like we carry so much on our plates and carry the weight of the worlds on our backs and still keep going like nothing is wrong or nothing can stop us. It is good to sometimes put that weight down and not be so wrapped up in the “super woman or super mom” mentality and just be. We deserve those breaks to recharge and refuel ourselves. A lot of us wear so many hats and it can get stressful doing it all. Take that time for yourself, it is okay. All of those tasks, to do lists and work will be there, you are not replaceable.

I love you guys and see you. I’m rooting for you and wishing you all the success you deserve. You deserve all the good things in life that is meant for you.

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