Youtube Friday’s: Tymo Straigtening Comb Demo

Listen, I can be easily influenced to purchase something by what I see online and social media. I know there is a whole controversy about “influencers” “deinfluencing” not trusting influencers anymore and so on going on. Honestly I have something for another day and another post. I rarely buy everything I see people talk and rave about that much but when I saw this straightening comb, I jumped at purchasing. I saw a few people with my hair type using it and when I saw the price, I added to cart immediately lol. I’ll have a more in depth review of this Tymo product but just know I love it lol!

**~Drea Notes~**

Wow I haven’t done this in a while but I kind of miss my newsletter. I really didn’t know what to talk about or how to keep people interested. I think it has been over a year since I’ve put one out and may think of bringing it back, not too sure.

My son is playing basketball this year and is doing pretty well. I just feel some type of way that we don’t have a schedule yet. I don’t like this week by week nonsense.

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