2023 Affirmations/Mantras

Happy Thursday!! I took a little break to celebrate my birthday this past Monday and enjoyed a long weekend off from work. It was so needed. Today I wanted to share my 2023 Affirmations/Mantras. I looked for ones that would fit me. I want to speak positivity and light into my life this year and believe in myself more. I actually have these on sticky notes in the bathroom so I can say them when I get up and before bed.

I Am Worthy Of Being Great

I Am Worthy Of Great Things

I Am Making Myself A Priority This Year

I Create Space To Make My Dreams Come True. Good Things Are Possible And I Deserve Them.

I Am Worthy Of A Wealthy Life

I Am Confident In Myself And My Abilities

Great Things Never Came From Comfort Zones, Step Out And Be Great!

What sayings, affirmations or mantras are you going by this year? Let’s chat.

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