Vlogmas Day 1: Instagram Chose My Style

Welcome to my version of Vlogmas! If you are unfamiliar, Vlogmas is posting a new vlog everyday in December up until Christmas Day. I have tried Vlogmas before years ago but it was a bunch of videos on me running my mouth as my life is not like some of your favorites. I get up, go to work, come home and repeat. So I decided to do my version of posting different tutorials during the month of December.

We are starting with the tutorial of this cute style. If you follow me on Instagram (hopefully you do naturalle_drea), I sometimes post three different hairstyles that I want to attempt for people to vote on. Which ever one has the most votes, that is the style I will be attempting. I get a lot of the hair inspo from Instagram or Pinterest.

Make sure you check back here and on my YouTube this month to see the tutorials I’ll be posting! Let me know if you’re doing Vlogmas or something similar this year so I can check it out! Enjoy!

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