Just Thinking What If…

I’m always thinking as you know and I was on my way to work thinking about if I had become an entrepreneur and lived that life. Funny thing is I went to school for Entrepreneurial Studies and learned everything about business from accounting to marketing and finance. I even wrote a business plan for a dance studio. Owning my own business at that time was the only thing on my mind with no back up plan. And if I would of had a plan in place, I would of been working for myself instead of corporate America and it’s not fun especially being a Black Woman in that space.

I was thinking about the entrepreneur life now. You have more control over your schedule and your life. I’m sorta getting tired of the 9-5 life where I don’t have control over my schedule, having to answer to someone else, dealing with toxicity and so on. It really is mentally draining and can be too much. I honestly wanted to be a full time content creator but it can be as mentally draining. Also dealing with burnout, creative blocks and the pressure to be on all the time.

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I mean it still can possibly happen as I’ve seen with some people I follow. They were working the 9-5, took a chance with creating content and started making more than the corporate job and just continued growing. I would love to have more freedom to do more during the day, more control over my schedule and what I do during the day and so on. But then I feel like it may too late to take that entrepreneur leap or trying to be full creator. I never know what may happen.

2 thoughts on “Just Thinking What If…

  1. I say give it a try and don’t leave yourself thinking what if … while at your 9 to 5 throw yourself into one of your entrepreneurial ventures. It’s better to try and fail then to never have tried at all … I’ll be watching and cheering from the sideline, you got this sis!

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